This space is Performance Canvas’ library of articles that touch upon the best practices in financial budgeting & planning, reporting & forecasting, and financial consolidation. Topics also include effective ways on how to use Performance Canvas as a FP&A solution for various business industries.

How Finance Teams Improve with Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
Published: March 24, 2020
Organizations across the globe are in the advent of digital transformation. We're starting to see new technologies being adopted that will change the way people work and the way we do business throughout the next few years.      In finance, the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning is taking center stage in automating tasks. Data from a McKinsey report shows that today's new technologies can fully (Read More)
Has your business outgrown your Budgeting Software?
Published: March 19, 2020
Every CFO today needs strategic insights to make well-informed decisions specific to their organization. But as industries face disruption, CFOs must learn to adapt to (Read More)
Is There True Freedom in Cloud-based Budgeting Software Adoption?
Published: March 11, 2020
Many organizations have been using on-premise budgeting and planning applications. However, many now find this approach time-consuming, rigid, and costly, especially for small and mid-sized (Read More)
Financial Planning & Analysis amidst the Coronavirus Threat
Published: March 4, 2020
As coronavirus COVID-19 spreads globally, the global financial markets have also reacted sharply. Significant dollar values have been wiped out as major stock market indices (Read More)
A Real Gem for Business Budgeting and Planning
Published: February 25, 2020
There are so many business budgeting and planning software options in the market that it is tough to cut through the noise. There´s Adaptive Insights, (Read More)
Performance Canvas Financials for Multi-segmented Business Units
Published: February 12, 2020
If you have not heard of Performance Canvas Financials, let us start by saying it is a complete CPM / FP&A solution that takes away (Read More)
Three Best Financial Planning Software of 2020
Published: February 6, 2020
Technology has now become closely intertwined with human lives. Furthermore, technology has created thousands of software options that have helped professionals in their work, like (Read More)
5 Real-world Tips on How to Close the Books Faster
Published: February 3, 2020
The fast closing of books is one of the main objectives of the finance department as it means that their process is optimized and cost-efficient. (Read More)
Importance of Performance Management Metrics in Financial Process
Published: January 30, 2020
Companies set objectives that they strive to achieve to ensure success and that they perform well, even in a competitive industry. And these objectives may (Read More)
How to Bolster Accountability in the Budgeting Process
Published: January 22, 2020
The budgeting process is the lifeline of a business. In the budgeting process, organizations can outline company financial and organizational goals. The budgeting process is (Read More)