This space is Performance Canvas’ library of articles that touch upon the best practices in financial budgeting & planning, reporting & forecasting, and financial consolidation. Topics also include effective ways on how to use Performance Canvas as a FP&A solution for various business industries.

The Importance of Financial Planning and Management Tools for Aged Care Organizations
Published: January 21, 2022
Managing the finances of an aged care organization is no easy feat. The challenges of dealing with financing constraints, changes in government law, workforce concerns, and the usual business demands can be a pain, but it doesn’t always have to be that way.  Aged care institutions need to note that it takes a strategic financial management tool to help them achieve their business goals in (Read More)
Why Strong Financial Planning and Analysis is Crucial for Growing Businesses in Retail
Published: January 19, 2022
Are you looking to grow your retail business, or are you in search of innovation? The ability to successfully plan and analyze one’s financial resources (Read More)
Best Practice Guide for Finance Management in Choosing KPIs and Sample Measures that Matter to Select Industries
Published: January 13, 2022
There are varying opinions on which KPIs a particular business must use, and this decision is a critical decision the management or a CFO usually (Read More)
Performance Canvas Financials: The Year 2021 in Review
Published: December 29, 2021
Looking Back 2021 started with bursts of hope and caution. Everything was reasonably smooth sailing until the omicron variant came and violently shook everything again. (Read More)
Should Retail Companies Upgrade to an Advanced Financial Consolidation Software?
Published: December 15, 2021
These days, companies have access to a wide range of options if they’re looking to update and transform their financial operations from their legacy software (Read More)
How PCF Can Help Improve Financial Planning and Analysis for SAP Business One Users
Published: December 7, 2021
Companies today have access to more advanced software that makes their financial operations a breeze when it comes to business budgeting. And what’s great about (Read More)
Impact of PCF and SAP Business One on Your Business Operations
Published: November 30, 2021
SAP Business One gives organizations the wide range of capabilities it needs to better manage all aspects of their business. It has all the tools (Read More)
Performance Canvas Financials launches its Australian data center for the ANZ region
Published: November 25, 2021
Los Altos, California, November 24, 2021 – Performance Canvas Financials today announces the launch of its new data hosting center in Australia for all its customers (Read More)
Why Real-Time Financial Data is Crucial to Improving Business Performance
Published: November 23, 2021
Gartner asserts that "data and analytics are the primary catalysts for an organization's digitalization and transformation activities." Numerous finance and accounting systems and multiple other (Read More)
Benefits of Integrating Financial Reporting and Analysis Software with Your SAP System
Published: November 9, 2021
To provide complete financial management capabilities, today’s organizations need access to integrated applications that can be used from early planning and forecasting to reporting outcomes. (Read More)