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Performance Canvas for Manufacturing Industries

If you are budgeting for cost centers, operations, products, customers, departments or new investments, Performance Canvas enables you to have real time, accurate, and relevant financial and operational data. With Performance Canvas built-in business rules and formula-free calculations, you can be guaranteed easy and error-free budgeting and planning.

Actionable Data in just Minutes

With Performance Canvas what-if scenarios, you are allowed comparison of actuals to budgets throughout the year by changing assumption values. You can also control these assumptions at the parent and some at child level and other criteria e.g. geography.

These capabilities allow you to see the immediate effect of these assumptions to your revenue, expenses, and cash flow. For example:

  • How much money is available for investment in new technology?
  • Is there enough budget for new market expansion or new facility opening?
  • What will the effect on our profitability be if the cost of materials increase by 5%?
  • If the head count needs to be increased to meet the agreed upon deadline, will we go over budget?
  • If one of our clients pay later than expected, how will this impact the cash flow and other projects?

Benefits of Performance Canvas

  • Automatic Integration to the General Ledger in your ERP system that is available throughout the budget process to be used as basis, comparison, and for reporting.
  • Integrated Profit and Loss, balance sheet, cash flow by project, department, and company
  • Detailed plans with various revenue streams based on drivers such as SRP, quantity
  • Unlimited Multiple scenarios that supports budgets, forecasts, reforecasts, and reporting
  • Management of iterations during budget creation
  • Comparison of current year vs. last year budget
  • Performance of what-if analysis and see a consolidated view of the data to immediately see the impact of decisions made towards cost centers, plants, and even customers.
  • Better planning by managing information such as behavioral prediction of receivables from historical transactions of customers, revenue recognition, allocation rules both to budgets and actuals data, and automatic consolidation.
  • Creation of a report with the data you want in just 2 minutes.
  • Management of profitability in order to respond better to opportunities and risks
  • Standardization and centralization of data across cost centers, plants, departments through automated consolidation process
  • Management of inventory levels such as raw materials or finished products
  • Accurate planning and budgeting of labor needs through incorporation of overtime hours rendered, night differentials, occupational hazard pay
  • Forecast staff needs and requirements based on production hours from revenue
  • Better allocation of labor hours, equipment hours, quantity
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It´s really not just a budgeting tool, it is a modeler. It shows that you can model business, you can model products - and that’s what we’d like to do.
Terri McCrackenFinance Manager, Friendly Society Private Hospital
The reporting editor is logical and easy to use. It’s a tool for everyday working for somebody that is an accountant, not dealing with how the technical things work.
Margus LutsojaGroup Chief Accountant, Gunvor Group
We think DSPanel under-promised but over-delivered when it came to the effort exerted in supporting us and in making sure we had ease toward product acceptance.
Gidget LimFeruni Operations Director and ERP Project Manager