The new year brings new challenges to FP&A teams especially in the field of financial reporting. There is a myriad of factors that challenge finance professionals today – changes in accounting standards, political uncertainties, high market volatility, and fiercer market competitions to name a few.

As you begin a new year, it is important to look at the factors that have changed and will continue to change the landscape of financial reporting.

For example, changes in accounting standards are usually known even before its expected roll out date so keep an eye out for them. Look at changes as well in commodities because changes in foreign currencies, oil or gas can have significant implications on financial reporting.

Further, mergers or acquisitions in the horizon or perhaps a launch of a new product can present risks that will also need to be assessed in the financial reports.

This year, it is important not only to keep an eye out for these complexities, it is also very important that enough time and resources are earmarked so that potential hiccups in the process are caught early on and remedied. If there is one thing many financial reporting professionals know – it is that waiting up to the last minute to try to resolve problems will always end up in more problems and deeper layers of complexities that may become all too overwhelming to untangle.

This year, try and be smart about handling financial reporting from looking at factors that impact financial reporting to carefully reviewing those areas that usually lead to mistakes or inaccuracies in financial reporting to investing in a new reporting solution for finance.

The best finance automation solutions will always have ways to self-check and warn of potential errors and an ability to detect emerging risks or trends.

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Performance Canvas Financials is today´s newest and latest cloud FP&A software that boasts of superior financial reporting capabilities on top of its budgeting, forecasting, and consolidation capabilities.

This complete, cloud-based FP&A solution is a perfect financial reporting tool that will help your finance team create comparisons more easily, design reports from scratch faster, cross-check figures, as well as consolidate your numbers automatically.

This financial reporting tool can save your organization a lot of time and money and will allow your finance professionals to focus on more high value yielding tasks instead of trivial tasks that should never have to be a concern to begin with.

Performance Canvas Financials is the most promising financial reporting solution that will allow your organization to enforce leading best practices in the financial reporting and budgeting arena to streamline your process as well as automate them.

To know more about it and its capabilities, visit or email to request for a demo or a free 30-day trial.


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DSPanel offers cutting edge technology platform for business analytics, planning, and visualization. DSPanel designs, builds, and operates with the end users in mind. Performance Canvas was created by DSPanel to answer the unarticulated needs of the market not addressed by previous available solutions. With Performance Canvas, information is transformed into valuable business insights for the business executives to utilize in their decision-making process. DSPanel currently has over 2500 organizations deploying their solutions.
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