Performance Canvas Financials

Performance Canvas Financials

A Cloud-Based Reporting & Consolidation Software That Pulls Data from your Cloud or On-premises ERP System

Do you find it difficult or impossible to produce your financial reports using only your ERP system?

Do you find it difficult to generate the reports and formats Senior management wants using Excel Spreadsheets?

Are you unhappy with your current reporting solution due to its problematic and tedious way of working?

Trusted by CFOs, Finance Managers, Management Accountants, Financial Analysts, and Financial Planners worldwide

Get Canned Financial Statements or Create Financial Reports From Scratch Easily

Best-in-class and pacesetting companies understand that while ERP systems are robust process tools, they aren´t designed for complete financial management. You cannot generate financial, operational, management, and fixed format reports in an easy way, and Excel Spreadsheet is not the way forward.

Performance Canvas Financials is the preferred reporting solution of accountants worldwide. It is both an operational tool for accountants and a strategic tool for CFOs. When comparing various reporting software, Performance Canvas Financials rises to the top as the most preferred reporting and consolidation solution due to its user-friendly web and Excel interface and its pragmatic workflow designed to support the day-to-day work of finance departments.

Quick, Simple, No-code Financial Reporting & Consolidation

  • Pull data seamlessly from Epicor, SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems and more
  • Support for IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP, Canadian GAAP and other reporting frameworks
  • Simple and easy-to-use Web Report Wizard
  • Canned Profit & Loss, Balance sheet, income statements, cash flow statements, and more readily available
  • Actuals versus Budget reports and Variance analysis reports available
  • Web and Excel-enabled Financial Reporting & Consolidation
  • The ability to configure your Charts of Accounts to match your way of working without risk to your General ledger
  • Powerful drill-to-journal postings up to invoice level
  • Support for multiple systems, entities, and currencies
  • Easy-to-use data upload mechanism
  • Elimination of at least 6-man days just generating needed reports
  • Prompt and attentive support
  • Support for Mac, Windows, and Excel Online

Bringing your data together right at your fingertips

Bringing your data together right at your fingertips
The more I use the product, the more I get those 'light bulb' moments where I think - oh, that's actually going to be really handy.
- Terri McCracken, Finance Manager | Friendly Society Private Hospital
Financial Reporting & Consolidation in the Cloud

Financial Reporting & Consolidation in the Cloud

Performance Canvas Financials is a powerful SaaS reporting and consolidation solution. This means it is cloud-based and offered on an affordable subscription pricing model. You do not need to install anything, nor are you required to do any technical maintenance. You can implement this solution quickly and easily, and your finance team can completely own this solution.

Simple, Effective, Powerful Reporting & Consolidation

What You Get with Performance Canvas Financials Reporting – Canned Financial Reports & more

  • Support for multiple Reporting frameworks – IFRS, GAAP
  • General ledger Connection
  • COA customization
  • Web Financials Reporting with Multi-dimensional Report Wizard
  • Native Excel Financials Reporting
  • Personalized multi-page Financial Dashboards
  • Download Web Reports into Excel
  • Subscribe users to scheduled reports
  • Profit & loss, Balance sheet, income statements, Cashflow reports automation
  • Trial balance, assumptions, variance analysis
  • Drill down to financial transactions
  • Direct Drill Down beyond GL including Periodic Postings
  • Text comments
  • Server-based Business Rules Automation
  • Drag-and-drop editing of Hierarchies for Accounts and other dimensions
  • Integration with Cloud or On-premises deployed ERP system

*Inclusions may vary based on reporting package or license level.

What You Get with Performance Canvas Financials Consolidation – Global Consolidated Reports & more

  • Profit & Loss including segments, business units or lines of products
  • Cash Flow statements for subsidiaries, sub-group and parent group
  • Balance Sheets
  • Financial and Operational KPIs
  • Profit & Loss including segments, business units or product lines
  • Automated Intercompany eliminations
  • Minority share calculation and elimination
  • Currency translation and automatic exchange rate adjustments
  • Support for multiple reporting frameworks across the organization

What To Expect:

- 10-minute discovery call
- 20-minute live online demo
- 15-minute Q&A meeting

Know which product package best fits your business needs.

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