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When you buy our solution, that is not the end of our relationship. In fact, it is only the beginning. Our hands on management in all of our deployments and attentive customer support will serve as the strong foundation of our long term relation. Performance Canvas not only guarantees quality solution, it also guarantees quality services. Only senior consultants work with Performance Canvas implementations. We require all our consultants to have at least 15 years of experience. Our goal is to ensure that we end the implementation confident that everything is working more than expected and that every single business user is well trained.

The DSPanel consultants, through years of senior consulting experience, have learned best practices in implementing Performance Canvas products using more efficient methodologies that are based upon the project´s complexity. These methodologies shorten implementation times and increase the predictability in the outcome of the project.

The DSPanel consultants implement projects that span from as short as 3 days to as long as 3 months depending on what needs to be implemented.

Whether it be implementation of financials, financials with foreign exchange, multi-company financials, financials with cash flow or financials + sales, clients can be guaranteed that only best practices will be employed and deployment times will be optimized.


The Obstacles

Recurring obstacles that we face in our customer engagements are:

  • Lack of understanding and cooperation between the finance function and business
  • Lack of sufficient time with constant monthly financial statements, quarterly financial statements, and annual accounts
  • Constant firefighting measures instead of working with process development
  • Untimely capture of changes in accounting – such as revenue and leasing

Implementation Methodology

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Business Gap Analysis

Key Activities & Deliverables

  • Process Practice Study
  • Identification of standardization, alignment aspects, gaps and areas of improvements
  • Operating model design, framework and high level roles & responsibilities
  • Assessment and recommendations


  • Clear identification and prioritization of areas of improvements and gaps
  • Detailed planning and roadmap for achieving the business objective
  • Senior management buy-in for the engagement

Implementation & Framework

Key Activities & Deliverables

  • Establish the process and process framework
  • Establish QA Services task list
  • Establish required infrastructure
  • Plan ramp-up and full scale development


  • Process with clearly identified KPIs for activities and entry exit criteria
  • KPIs for interfacing functions and turn around

Transformation to Performance Canvas Model

(Deployment throughout the organization)

Key Activities & Deliverables

  • Process deployment support and facilitation across all affected user roles and business units
  • Role based process training workshops for enhanced process framework


  • Awareness and training to the new implemented business practices
  • Facilitation support to ensure that initial hurdles and change management are addressed


Key Activities & Deliverables

  • Ongoing project deliverables reviews
  • Process compliance and validation checks
  • Build re-use repository
  • Metrics collection & analysis
  • Defect analysis & corrective actions


  • Standardized test projects execution and delivery will be observed
  • Decision making based on quantitative data


Key Activities & Deliverables

  • Metrics benchmarking
  • Process optimization & continues improvements
  • Defect prevention
  • Planning inputs more based on historical data
  • Adjust core data mapping to get better analysis


  • Benchmark to demonstrate complicance and gauge productivity and effectiveness
  • Continues improvements based on implementation feedback and metrics analysis
  • Effective reuse of historical data and re-planning processes
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It´s really not just a budgeting tool, it is a modeler. It shows that you can model business, you can model products - and that’s what we’d like to do.
Terri McCrackenFinance Manager, Friendly Society Private Hospital
The reporting editor is logical and easy to use. It’s a tool for everyday working for somebody that is an accountant, not dealing with how the technical things work.
Margus LutsojaGroup Chief Accountant, Gunvor Group
We think DSPanel under-promised but over-delivered when it came to the effort exerted in supporting us and in making sure we had ease toward product acceptance.
Gidget LimFeruni Operations Director and ERP Project Manager