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Currently, what we do now requires us to spend considerable amount of time rolling things up, once it is rolled up and matched up, we load up to GL system which may or may not load correctly. We also have to load via individual sheets. With Performance Canvas, we just hit load and it’ll load in a matter of seconds. I feel really good about it because it is so useful, and we are actually going to be able to use it. It is intuitive, and we know we will not struggle with it.

Lisa Mason, Senior Staff Accountant for Financial Reporting and Budgeting

For budgeting, changing one headcount in one department changes the allocation for all other departments. This used to take days honestly. It isn´t even just about time, we were unable to do any kind of what if analyses. This is one of our biggest benefits with Performance Canvas Financials.

Terri McCracken, Finance Manager, Friendly Society Private Hospital