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  • Does your Financial Planning & Analysis process take too long to complete?
  • Does it not support sound decision-making in your organization?
  • Is your FP&A output outdated before you can even finish it?
  • Do you have too many budget iterations?
  • Are there allocations you can´t control?
  • Is collaborating with others in the organization difficult?

Are you currently experiencing pains associated with Financial Planning & Analysis?

Cloud Performance Canvas Financials might be right for you!

Performance Canvas Financials brings you a complete and cloud-based FP&A solution that promises to streamline and intelligently automate your entire FP&A process from end to end. This cloud-based FP&A software boasts of its 5-minute install and setup capability that removes the clunkiness of implementing a robust FP&A solution.
Less consulting, more savings for your business. Cloud Performance Canvas Financials believes that the faster you can implement your solution, the sooner you can improve your process and the faster your return of investment.

Have an issue currently not listed above?

  • Reduce time spent in implementing an FP&A software
  • Reduce time spent on budgeting and forecasting by 50-90%
  • Reduce lead time business to board by 50-90%
  • Easy setup or modification of your organizational hierarchy
  • Compare budgets vs Actuals and perform variance analysis
  • Create and track driver-based plans while considering periodic trends
  • Frictionless Integration with your GL to enforce your chart of Accounts (COA)
  • Perform what-if analysis and changing assumptions to immediately see the effect of your business decisions
  • P&L, Balance sheet Automation and Cash flow reporting
Performance Canvas Financials is always
  • Multi-company
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-system
  • Multi-scenario
  • Pre-packaged finance logic
  • Easily Scalable
  • Easy to deploy

Cloud Performance Canvas Financials is a solution that delivers the latest best practices in Financial Planning & Analysis through its off-the-shelf finance modules.
These are prepackaged finance logic such as Cash flow, CAPEX, Consolidation among others.

These best practices include Driver-based budgeting, Drag & Drop Financial Reporting, Live Financial Forecasting, Unlimited What-if Analysis, Assumptions testing, Allocations,
Activity-based costing, Multiple Entities and Currency Support, and many more.

Simpler, faster and laser-focused collaboration

With the previous versions, to collaborate with your colleagues, you sent out entire spreadsheets for checking and approval. With the NEW Cloud Performance Canvas Financials, you now have the ability to highlight ONLY the cells with changes on, put in comments/explanations, and then submit it for checking and approval.

Meanwhile, when the approver gets it, it will have the highlighted cells and the explanation that goes along with it. After being checked and sent back, you will then have color coded cells indicating whether they are approved or not and why.

This fundamentally changes the way you collaborate within the organization. It is now faster, simpler, and more focused ensuring that the entire team not only saves time, everyone also focuses their energy and effort into those that really need to be looked at.

Sleek-looking and user-friendly dashboard

One of the striking new things about the Cloud Performance Canvas Financials is how it looks. Without a doubt, the new Cloud Performance Canvas Financials looks more sleek, modern, and intuitive. Your menu options can be found on the right and left side of the tool for ease of use and clarity.

Comprehensive and Secure

Cloud Performance Canvas Financials uses a combination of identity and
federation, authentication and single sign-on, authorization and role-based access
control, entitlement, encryption, and regulatory controls within the system.

It boasts of a comprehensive array of process improvements without
compromising privacy and security. It exceeds the standards of vulnerability
testing, fallover, disaster recovery, and penetration testing.

What they say about us

Currently, what we do now requires us to spend considerable amount of time rolling things up, once it is rolled up and matched up, we load up to GL system which may or may not load correctly. We also have to load via individual sheets. With Performance Canvas, we just hit load and it’ll load in a matter of seconds. I feel really good about it because it is so useful, and we are actually going to be able to use it. It is intuitive, and we know we will not struggle with it.

Lisa Mason, Senior Staff Accountant for Financial Reporting and Budgeting

For budgeting, changing one headcount in one department changes the allocation for all other departments. This used to take days honestly. It isn´t even just about time, we were unable to do any kind of what if analyses. This is one of our biggest benefits with Performance Canvas Financials.

Terri McCracken, Finance Manager, Friendly Society Private Hospital
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