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  • Does your Financial Planning & Analysis process take too long to complete?
  • Does it not support sound decision-making in your organization?
  • Is your FP&A output outdated before you can even finish it?
  • Do you have too many budget iterations?
  • Are there allocations you can´t control?
  • Is collaborating with others in the organization difficult?

Are you currently experiencing pains associated with Financial Planning & Analysis?

Cloud Performance Canvas Financials might be right for you!

Performance Canvas Financials brings you a deep, sophisticated, and easy-to-use FP&A solution that promises to streamline and intelligently automate your entire FP&A process from end to end.

Performance Canvas Financials is a unified and easy-to-use software for financial reporting & analysis, consolidation, dashboarding, budgeting & planning. It is an add-on software to your existing ERP system that will allow you to take full control of your financial planning & analysis process.

Have an issue currently not listed above?

  • Secure FP&A investment – offers a unified and full FP&A suite
  • Best Practice Approach – offers pre-defined business management content
  • Ease of Use – dynamic and user-friendly, no coding, easy security and setup modification
  • Quick Implementation – Integrate with your ERP system quickly and efficiently to create reports, simulations, analysis, dashboards
  • Shorter cycle time – reduce lead time business to board by 50%-90%
  • Seamless GL Integration – frictionless integration with your GL to enforce your Chart of Accounts (COA)
Sample Financial Processes Performance Canvas Financials automates:
  • Cash flow
  • IFRS16
  • Adjusted EBITDA
  • Allocation
  • Account re-classification
  • Alternate Account Structures
  • Consolidation – Standard and Advanced
  • Bonus & Commissions

Cloud Performance Canvas Financials is a solution that delivers the latest best practices in Financial Planning & Analysis through its off-the-shelf finance modules.
These are prepackaged finance logic such as Cash flow, CAPEX, Consolidation among others.

These best practices include Driver-based budgeting, Drag & Drop Financial Reporting, Live Financial Forecasting, Unlimited What-if Analysis, Assumptions testing, Allocations,
Activity-based costing, Multiple Entities and Currency Support, and many more.

Powerful Business Rules Automation – Automate Complex tasks with rules

With PCF, your finance department can transform complex data into actionable insights.

PCF´s built-in business rules engine can handle highly complex calculations in a simple, straightforward manner. You can have multiple pre-built rules such as direct and indirect cash flow, consolidation, foreign exchange rates or HR calculations. No matter how advanced the rule you want to run, all these can be accomplished without any hard coding or IT assistance.

The PCF Dashboard – a curated view to highlight the numbers that matter to you

When logging into PCF, you are welcomed by a dashboard that contains graphs that are relevant to your line of work. You get a summarized view of your assignments and key reports. You will have a board where you get to see announcements set up by the administrator for news that you shouldn´t miss. It is worth mentioning that setting up this dashboard requires no coding at all.

Whether you want to display gross margin, revenue, budget versus actual, the choice of what you want to see is all yours to decide. Want to set up multiple dashboards to cover sales and finance? You can do that too.

Best Practice Approach – always the ideal way of working

PCF believes in good reporting and budgeting practices that are designed to minimize errors and inconsistencies and engage front-line managers with the unique perspective of their department to collaborate with the finance department so that top-down guidelines may be combined with bottom-up knowledge.

PCF looks at your way of working and suggests ways of optimizing your entire process through tried and tested practices like the use of report templates and the report wizard, driver-based budgeting, live and rolling forecasts, what-if analysis, version control capabilities, advanced allocations, intercompany matching, intercompany eliminations, and more.

Focus on Ease of Use & Quick Implementation – quicker time to productivity

Performance Canvas has not met a system it cannot integrate with yet. It has the ability to pull data from various sources. Some integrations are native, and some might require configuration.

Performance Canvas integrates with Epicor ERP systems, Dynamics ERP systems (F&O, Business Central, GP), SAP, Sigma Conso, and many more.

PCF is also heavily focused on ease of use. It´s guiding principle is that when you log in as a user, you should be able to find the things you need the most within 5 seconds and you should never have to ask how to do things. It must feel accessible, quick, and intuitive.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – A real step towards FP&A progress

PCF is powered by AI and ML. For you, this means automating complex tasks, the possibility of consuming, understanding, and processing of data volumes and speeds never before imagined. It also means the system will adapt and improve its predictions based on experience, without user intervention. For example, deep learning is used to automatically check data entries for errors or predict customer payment based on payment history.

Power BI Support – a complete picture of the business

Enable deeper and faster analysis by integrating with in-house Power BI models. This direct support for Power BI and tabular cubes in the cloud will ensure you get a complete picture of the business health.

What they say about us

Currently, what we do now requires us to spend considerable amount of time rolling things up, once it is rolled up and matched up, we load up to GL system which may or may not load correctly. We also have to load via individual sheets. With Performance Canvas, we just hit load and it’ll load in a matter of seconds. I feel really good about it because it is so useful, and we are actually going to be able to use it. It is intuitive, and we know we will not struggle with it.

Lisa Mason, Senior Staff Accountant for Financial Reporting and Budgeting

For budgeting, changing one headcount in one department changes the allocation for all other departments. This used to take days honestly. It isn´t even just about time, we were unable to do any kind of what if analyses. This is one of our biggest benefits with Performance Canvas Financials.

Terri McCracken, Finance Manager, Friendly Society Private Hospital
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