In the course of our conversations with our customers, someone asked us – why should we choose Performance Canvas Financials over the budgeting and planning software put forward by the ERP system we had chosen?

Now this question I thought is so interesting to answer because first, most ERP system vendors offer their own add-on solutions. Second, because customers have invested a significant amount of money to try and get their ERP system running smoothly, why then should they not continue to pour in their time, money, and effort in the same brand? Third, obviously it should be reasonable to think their add-on budgeting and planning software has superior integration with their current ERP system, right?

Then the question – is there logic to choosing a non-ERP software owned budgeting and planning solution?

Now, I want to answer in 7 clear points bearing in mind that these answers apply to Performance Canvas Financials – the cloud software acclaimed by its current users as the most user-friendly budgeting and planning tool. It has also been awarded as the rising star in the FP&A arena in 2018.


  1. Performance Canvas Financials is more business user-friendly

Arguably all vendors claim that their budgeting and planning or even reporting software is user friendly. Sure, but which types of user is your solution friendly with? Is it the technical user?

Performance Canvas Financials is finance user friendly or business user friendly. It is not old-fashioned and hard to learn. For example, controlling user access does not require IT involvement because it is done in just a click of a button.

Do you want to create reports as you specify your own parameters? Sure, use its drag and drop wizard. You should have your reports in just minutes.


  1. Performance Canvas Financials has sophisticated ways to allowing team collaboration

It may sound like just a nice to have feature but in the past couple of years, what we have learned is that these simple things that make working together easier makes all the difference in the world.

We live in a globalized business climate where departments are scattered across locations or continents, making it easier to collaborate such as having versioning feature, a smart approval process can make working in teams harmonious. It removes tension and blame game.


  1. Performance Canvas Financials is faster to implement

ERP systems take forever to implement because of all the complexities. The vendors who produce and sell ERP systems are so used to long implementation times that whether intentional or not, their tolerance to implementing add-on solutions are much higher than normal.

Performance Canvas Financials is a cloud budgeting and planning software. What this means is that installing it and setting it up can take as fast as 5 minutes and then you have your actuals vs budgets and live forecasts running instantly. That is not to say, there is no more work needed because there is business modeling that needs to happen. However, the basic package of Performance Canvas Financials takes only 3-4 business days to implement; the standard takes 5-15 business days; and the works takes anywhere from 15 to 90 business days depending on complexity of processes and availability of customer resources.

You see, we aren’t so much talking about 6-12 months or more, we are talking about days to a maximum of 3 months for very complex implementations. That is not something most established ERP system vendors can compete against.


  1. Performance Canvas Financials has a reasonable and affordable pricing model

Most budgeting and planning solutions in the market have different types of users and have so many add-ons that you need to purchase to get it running as it should. Performance Canvas Financials has a very simple and straightforward pricing model that you can choose from.

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There is basic, standard, and the works package. The differences in these packages depend on inclusions and how deep into the business operations you want the system to go. Safe to say, Performance Canvas Financials is less than half of what established brands in the market cost and it can do so much more than its competitors in terms of capabilities.


  1. The focus of Performance Canvas Financials is just purely Financial planning and analysis

Most ERP-owned systems are just extensions to try and get more revenue for the company but the reality is that their main business is still on ERP systems. This means much of their R&D is poured into the ERP software.

Performance Canvas Financials, on the other hand, is focused just on improving the FP&A process. We get to focus and spend a lot of time and energy on the latest and leading trends in FP&A so that we can incorporate them faster. This narrow focus allows us to develop the needed expertise to finetune the product continuously resulting in better offering and stability.


  1. Performance Canvas Financials offers 30-day FREE trial with customer´s own data

Most budgeting and planning software vendors whether owned by an ERP software or not do not have the ability to offer a 30-day free trial with YOUR OWN data because they know for a fact that implementing their software is complicated, long, and burdensome.

Performance Canvas Financials fearlessly offers a 30-day trial with customer´s own financial data under a signed Non-disclosure agreement which is a testament to how easy it is to get up and running.

Not happy with the trial? Walk away for FREE.


  1. Strong integration to Any ERP system and is a more long-term solution

Just because Performance Canvas Financials is not attached to any ERP system does not mean it cannot integrate seamlessly. In fact, it is one of its strongest capability. It is ERP system agnostic which allows it to connect in the same native way as those ERP-owned solutions.

However, the biggest advantage is that with Performance Canvas Financials, your budgeting and planning can stand independently in the event you decide to move to another system. The truth is sometimes companies have had to walk away from multi-million deals just cause their ERP software just couldn’t work the way, they had hoped. If you budgeting and planning solution is also attached to your ERP system, this makes things complicated.

In comparison, with Performance Canvas, you can implement this software in parallel with your ERP system implementation and then integrate after. If you decide to move to another brand of ERP system, you can still take your Performance Canvas Financials with you and then just integrate it to your next ERP system of choice since as mentioned previously, it is ERP system agnostic.


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DSPanel offers cutting edge technology platform for business analytics, planning, and visualization. DSPanel designs, builds, and operates with the end users in mind. Performance Canvas was created by DSPanel to answer the unarticulated needs of the market not addressed by previous available solutions. With Performance Canvas, information is transformed into valuable business insights for the business executives to utilize in their decision-making process. DSPanel currently has over 2500 organizations deploying their solutions.





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