The process of choosing new financial planning & analysis software or budget planning software (whatever you want to call it) is long and hard, but truth be told, that is only half the battle.

The other half – which is often more bloody and where things can easily fall apart is the implementation phase.

The Performance Canvas Financials team has done a substantial amount of implementations in the last 20 years, and honestly, a few have failed. After all, the reality is that not all corporate budgeting software implementations succeed and there are many reasons why – failure of communication between consultant and customer sits at that top of that list.

So we sat our CEO down to ask him a few questions that we think a CFO/Controller/finance manager/project manager would like to know before beginning the implementation phase of their chosen product. Regardless of the brand of software you chose or are inclined to choose, these points he mentioned are true, real, and applicable.

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Adopting a new financial planning technology is a big deployment that requires significant time, effort, and money for both the vendor and the customers, so it is a good idea to do your due diligence before taking on a project such as this.

Watch the video and hear the words of wisdom from the CEO of the most user-friendly FP&A software in the market today – Performance Canvas Financials.

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