Technology has now become closely intertwined with human lives.

Furthermore, technology has created thousands of software options that have helped professionals in their work, like professional financial planners, Independent advisers, registered reps, and even accountants.

Various software has assisted professionals in formulating appropriate investment and strategic plans that suit their clients’ preferences, financial needs, and short-term and long-term financial goals.

This is why businesses are always on the lookout for the best financial planning software that will help them achieve increased sales and improved performance.

How the best financial planning software is defined might be different things to different people. Still, fundamentally, it provides the business market analytics and insights that will help them measure the success of their programs and get ideas on how to leverage what they have to fully harness their potential.

Three Best Financial Planning Software

           1. Cloud Performance Canvas Financials

If you’re looking for a unified budgeting and reporting tool that will help you model your business into it – Cloud Performance Canvas Financials is the best financial planning software for you.

It is a solution that delivers the latest best practices in Financial Planning & Analysis through its off-the-shelf finance modules, which includes prepackaged finance logic such as Cash flow, CAPEX, Consolidation, among others.

The software is infused with best practices in FP&A, such as driver-based budgeting, Drag & Drop Financial Reporting, Live Financial Forecasting, Unlimited What-if Analysis, Assumptions testing, Allocations, Activity-based costing, Multiple Entities, and Currency Support, and helpful tools for professionals.

It also gives you the option to do cloud deployment and on premises deployment, depending on what your business prefers. Either way, this cloud product can connect and integrate with an ERP system that is either deployed in the cloud or on premises.

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          2. Epicor Financial Planner

Another one of the best financial planning software out in the market is a product of a company called Epicor.

Epicor calls it Epicor Financial Planner – a cloud-based and quick install software that will help you streamline and automate your entire budget process. It integrates natively with Epicor´s in-house ERP systems.

This tool goes head to head and usually wins against established budgeting solutions in the market.

EFP gives users a more natural way, and faster way of accomplishing their tasks as the software provides simplified and pragmatic workflow processes and transparent and well-defined task assignments. It is also one of the best financial planning software currently in the market, as one of its features is its self-check mechanisms, which allows its users to have improved accuracy in their work reports.

          3. Adaptive Insights

This software is the best for you if you’re looking for web-based financial planning software. Its features cover a wide array of financial planning aspects.

Its web-based capability also makes it easier for its users to share their work, which encourages collaboration within users working in different locations.

This solution is ideal for those with simplistic and fundamental planning needs. Those with more advanced budgeting needs are better off with the first two options.

Aside from the three software options mentioned above, the market offers many financial planning software for you. It is, in fact, a saturated market.

Thus, as a buyer and user, you must choose the best financial planning software that focuses on the type of financial planning that you want to do; it must understand the uniqueness of your business without compromising on user-friendliness and price.



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