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Cloud pcFinancials

Performance Canvas proudly announces the release of pcFinancials in the Cloud

Performance Canvas, the latest and most modern technology solution in Financial Reporting, Analysis, Budgeting, and Forecasting, proudly announces the release of pcFinancials in the cloud. pcFinancials, the banner product of Performance Canvas, is a solution that enables its business users … Read More

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Budget Planning

The Value of Effective Budget Planning to Financial Control

If you wish to obtain financial control on the financial resources available to your business, budget planning is the most practical way to do it. Budgeting is the main tool in budget planning that supports a business to decide how … Read More

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Cloud Planning Software

The Top 5 Capabilities to look for in a Cloud Planning Software

Were your forecasts too far off the previous quarter? If they were then your organization is probably one of many that has definitely outgrown spreadsheets. Most mid-sized to large organizations today battle with over 800 sheets with iterations and their … Read More

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Rolling Forecast

Three Essential Elements for A Successful Rolling forecast

There are two main problems that CFOs and their FP&A teams encounter – inaccuracy of the forecasts and the lack of corporate agility. It is because of these two challenges that rolling forecast has gained ground. Rolling forecast is meant … Read More

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Top 5 Common Roadblocks to Accurate Budgeting

Budgeting and forecasting are two essential annual activities for any organization. Many FP&A teams do not enjoy it but many also understand it is a necessary evil that they must put up with. Year after year, the fp&a challenges surface … Read More

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Financial Consolidation Automation

How to Maximize Financial Consolidation Automation Success

Financial consolidation or the combination of financial data from several departments or business entities within an organization for reporting purposes can be simple or complex depending upon how the organziation executes it. Nonetheless, it is an area of finance that … Read More

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Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Finance

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg, two of the world´s tech titans, have openly expressed their views on Artificial Intelligence. Mark Zuckerberg maintains an optimistic view saying artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to improve systems across various fields. Elon Musk, … Read More

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Traditional Budgeting

Traditional Budgeting and Why it is Time to Abandon Ship

In this age of automation, traditional budgeting is becoming obsolete.  Traditional budgeting practice gives a wrong sense of security and it indeed sucks the fun, energy, and time out of the front liners and decision makers in the company. Today, … Read More

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Strategic CFO

The 7 FP&A Challenges of a Strategic CFO

Ask any chief financial officer today how he or she would describe his or her workload and the most likely word you will hear is “overwhelming”. Fierce competition, rigid governmental regulations, high market volatility, and growing business complexity are few … Read More

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ERP Financial Systems

Budgeting and Reporting using ERP Financial Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning systems or ERP systems have been around since the 1960s. They are systems used to gather, store, and analyze data arising from several activities within the organization. One of the core modules of an ERP system is … Read More

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Financial Statements

2017 Tips on How to Release Financial Statements in 7 Days

Releasing the corporate financial statements in less than 7 days is a goal many companies still strive to do today. However, undeniably, this goal is easier said than done for a variety of reasons. In fact, according to one of … Read More

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Reporting and Analysis

Top 8 Reporting and Analysis Capabilities of Performance Canvas You Should Know About

Performance Canvas Financials delivers full financial reporting and analysis, budgeting and planning, performance management, and financial consolidation capabilities. It is used globally by over 2500 medium to large sized organizations with at least 3 people working in the finance department. … Read More

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Zero-based Budgeting

Why Zero-based Budgeting is Not Always the Right Approach

Zero based budgeting is a method of budgeting which begins every period on a clean slate thus, “zero base.” This type of budgeting technique means that each function within the organization is analyzed in order to determine to its needs … Read More

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Financial Reporting and Analysis

5 Must-Knows About Financial Reporting and Analysis

Financial reporting and analysis is a process that is done in all organizations regardless of size. For some companies, it is a tedious, painstakingly long process and for others, it is rather benign and tolerable. Financial reporting and analysis produces … Read More

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Excel-based Financial Reporting

The Value of Excel-based Financial Reporting Solutions

Financial statements are records of a company´s financial activities and the position of an entity. It is a document that is meant to structurally present critical business information in a way that makes most sense to its users. Ideally, these … Read More

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Cloud FP&A Software

4 Capabilities to Look For When Evaluating a Cloud FP&A Software

Finance personnel today need no convincing that the use of excel spreadsheet is not strategic and sustainable for financial planning and analysis. The all too common problems of errors and inaccuracy, time spent, and complexity are few of the many … Read More

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Financial Consolidation Automation

The Value of Financial Consolidation Automation

Financial Consolidation simply defined is the process of collating financial information from various business units or business entities within the organization for reporting purposes. This process involves several steps which vary from company to company such as data importing, mapping … Read More

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Rolling Forecasting

The Promises of Rolling Forecasting: Does it really work?

Whether the change is short term or long term, a company’s vulnerability to economic changes make budgeting and planning difficult for the finance department. How can the finance staff plan efficiently if they have no idea of what the future … Read More

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Financial Planning and Analysis Trends 2017

The Top 7 Financial Planning and Analysis Trends of 2017 You Should Know About

Jan Morath and Håkan Ebersjö, CEO & VP of Sales for Performance Canvas respectively, joined earlier this year a global customer conference in Nashville, Tennessee to introduce pcFinancials to the thousands of accountants, finance managers, and CFOs in attendance. During … Read More

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Performance Management Metrics and KPIs

The Rise of Performance Management Metrics and KPIs in the Wold of Finance

All too often you hear senior managers say “If you can´t measure it, you can´t control it.” This is why in most organizations, almost everything gets measured. There is continued pressure for each individual and for the organization as a … Read More

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Business budgeting

3 Guaranteed Ways to Optimize Business Budgeting

Business budgeting process is a painful yet necessary process that every organization must perform if it wants to compete in the market and continuously improve its operations. Year after year, finance departments of medium to large organizations are faced with … Read More

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Budgeting and Financial Management

Best-in-Class Budgeting and Financial Management Practices

The market volatility and growing business problems complexity have dramatically changed the roles and expectations of key decision makers to the finance department. There has been significant time and energy allotted to ensuring that budgeting and financial management techniques used … Read More

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Single tenant or Multi-tenant SaaS: What works best for me?

It was not so long ago when most people preferred on premise installations. An installation where people build their own servers, install and configure the solution onsite, and test repeatedly. However, over the last couple of years, the Corporate Performance … Read More

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Forecasting Accuracy

An Analyst´s Guide to Increasing Forecasting Accuracy

There are very few analysts who truly enjoy forecasting or working with forecasting analytics. This is because over the years, there has been over optimism in doing forecasts and the problem with over optimism in forecasting is that it results … Read More

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Financial Control

5 Critical Questions to Answer when Using Budgets for Financial Control

To many companies, a budget is often associated with long hours of work that yields spreadsheets of inaccuracies that constantly requires explanations to the users. Sadly, this is a picture of daily reality for many finance personnel. A budget is … Read More

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics in the World of Financial Budgeting

Many companies now require predictive analytics when looking to purchase a budgeting solution. While there is logic to this because predictive analytics comes with a lot of benefits, there is somehow a misconception that predictive analytics works like magic where … Read More

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Financial Reporting

The Top 4 Financial Reporting Priorities for CFOs

In today’s fast –paced world, it is known to all that the roles and responsibilities of a CFO has been and is continually changing and the pressure to perform better has been mounting. One of the key tasks of every … Read More

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Cloud Based Budgeting and Forecasting

Why Cloud Based Budgeting and Forecasting Is The Way Forward

In this day and age, every CEO and CFO wants to do more with less. More reports generated but fewer staffing resources involved; more robust protection for their data but limited IT bandwidth; and better budgeting and forecasting process for … Read More

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Performance Canvas and MIS Consulting & Sales Partnership

Performance Canvas Announces Partnership with MIS Consulting & Sales

Performance Canvas, one of the globally trusted brands for complete Corporate Performance Management solutions and a leading innovator in financial software development, proudly announces its strategic partnership with MIS Consulting & Sales, Inc. This partnership will combine MIS Consulting & Sales’s profound … Read More

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Financial Dashboards

The Importance of Financial Dashboards in Reporting

No matter where you work as a finance expert – at a large and well – established company or in a small startup business, you will be generating financial reports. Generating these reports is tedious work especially when you are … Read More

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