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Forecasting Accuracy

An Analyst´s Guide to Increasing Forecasting Accuracy

There are very few analysts who truly enjoy forecasting or working with forecasting analytics. This is because over the years, there has been over optimism in doing forecasts and the problem with over optimism in forecasting is that it results … Read More

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Financial Control

5 Critical Questions to Answer when Using Budgets for Financial Control

To many companies, a budget is often associated with long hours of work that yields spreadsheets of inaccuracies that constantly requires explanations to the users. Sadly, this is a picture of daily reality for many finance personnel. A budget is … Read More

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Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics in the World of Financial Budgeting

Many companies now require predictive analytics when looking to purchase a budgeting solution. While there is logic to this because predictive analytics comes with a lot of benefits, there is somehow a misconception that predictive analytics works like magic where … Read More

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Financial Reporting

The Top 4 Financial Reporting Priorities for CFOs

In today’s fast –paced world, it is known to all that the roles and responsibilities of a CFO has been and is continually changing and the pressure to perform better has been mounting. One of the key tasks of every … Read More

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Cloud Based Budgeting and Forecasting

Why Cloud Based Budgeting and Forecasting Is The Way Forward

In this day and age, every CEO and CFO wants to do more with less. More reports generated but fewer staffing resources involved; more robust protection for their data but limited IT bandwidth; and better budgeting and forecasting process for … Read More

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Performance Canvas and MIS Consulting & Sales Partnership

Performance Canvas Announces Partnership with MIS Consulting & Sales

Performance Canvas, one of the globally trusted brands for complete Corporate Performance Management solutions and a leading innovator in financial software development, proudly announces its strategic partnership with MIS Consulting & Sales, Inc. This partnership will combine MIS Consulting & Sales’s profound … Read More

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Financial Dashboards

The Importance of Financial Dashboards in Reporting

No matter where you work as a finance expert – at a large and well – established company or in a small startup business, you will be generating financial reports. Generating these reports is tedious work especially when you are … Read More

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Virtual Marketing Assistant

Virtual Marketing Assistant

Job description Virtual Marketing Assistant (6 months post with possibility of extension) We are looking for a seasoned virtual marketing assistant with at least 2 years’ experience. This post is a work from home post/ remote work post. You will … Read More

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Finance Writer

Finance Writer

Job description Finance Writer (6 months with possibility of extension) We are looking for a dynamic and experienced finance writer that can write about accounting topics such as corporate performance management, business intelligence, big data, financial reports, analysis, budgets, forecasts, … Read More

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President Macron's Election

What President Macron´s Election Means for International Businesses

On May 7, 2017 France elected 39-year old centrist Emmanuel Macron defeating Marine Le Pen of France´s National Front (FN). This former finance minister and ex investment banker ran his campaigns on a set of Pro-EU policies that include wielding … Read More

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Self-Service Analytics

Why Self-Service Analytics Will Never Replace Expert Analysts

There is no argument that spreadsheets cannot be trusted when it comes to the gargantuan tasks of financial reporting and analysis. Error-prone, cumbersome, lack of security, and poor data integrity are few of the many problems associated with reliance on … Read More

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BI Software

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Buying BI Software

Many CFOs and CIOs have jumped into the Business Intelligence (BI) bandwagon because in this day and age, every decision maker feels as though it is something that a company needs in order to succeed. Gartner even mentioned that for … Read More

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Financial Planning and Forecasting

The Art of Reshaping Financial Planning and Forecasting

Today´s complex and volatile economic climate has made managing business performance even more critical both for start-up companies and established companies. Financial planning process has become a tool to ensure high levels of investor confidence and a tool to provide … Read More

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Driver-based Planning and Modeling

5 Important Things To Know About Driver-based Planning and Modeling

Driver-based planning and modeling is term that started gaining popularity in 2009 and 2011. Today, this has become a popular concept for many finance professionals because of its usefulness in drafting an operational plan for the business. Talk to any … Read More

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budgeting and forecasting process automation

The Essence of Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting Process Automation

Creating sophisticated plans, budgets, and forecasts is essential for CFOs and other decision makers in the company as it enables them to make wiser strategic and operational decisions. Ensuring such tasks are accurately and effectively performed is crucial. Plans, budgets, … Read More

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CPM Software Selection

5 Essential Tips in CPM Software Selection

Investing in a new software is a lot harder than many think and this is especially true when you want to invest in a Corporate Performance Management (CPM) tool that is meant to help you with financial tasks such as … Read More

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2017 Microsoft Forecaster Replacement

2017 Replacement for Microsoft Forecaster

In 2016, Dynamics GP and AX saw huge changes as it continued to improve its offerings. This in turn led to Microsoft pulling out support on Forecaster – a budgeting and planning solution. In May of 2016, Microsoft also officially … Read More

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Corporate Financial Control

5 Tips to Improve Corporate Financial Control

Many businesses, startups or established, fail for a variety of reasons. In fact, less than half of these startups survive beyond five years. Unsurprisingly, the primary cause of this is poor financial control. It is clear and evident that a … Read More

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Workflow Automation

Top 4 Reasons to Adopt to Workflow Automation

Every day, people throughout the organization perform tasks, route information, and make decisions as they perform business activities. Many, if not most of these fiscal activities are performed manually utilizing paper-based forms and excel spreadsheets. All these take more time … Read More

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TOP 5 Critical KPIs to Measure Financial Performance

There are thousands of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to choose from and perhaps the challenge of many companies and managers today is that many collect a huge number of KPIs that are easy to measure manually or by using a … Read More

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cash flow troubles

The 4 Most Common Causes of Cash flow Troubles

The statement of cash flow is pretty much the culmination point for financial accounting. Its preparation can be very simple for some companies and highly complex for others but this preparation is important in order for the company to perform … Read More

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Profitability Analysis

The Challenge of Profitability Analysis

Regardless of the nature of one’s business, profitability remains to be one of the primary goals of all businesses. Without profitability, a business cannot be sustained. Additionally, a business that is highly profitable can reward its stakeholders with a larger … Read More

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ERP Systems

Why Financial Software Solution complements ERP systems

The world is becoming a single market where organizations make it their daily priority to be globally competitive. Our volatile economic climate requires that companies are able to address customer demands at the earliest possible opportunity (or at least before … Read More

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Data Scientists

How the lack of Data Scientists changed the roadmap of CPM solutions

Forbes published an article about the scarcity of data scientists in many businesses. The main challenge seems to be that there is a scarce talent pool and those that are available demand high compensation. In fact 63% of companies today … Read More

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accounts payable automation

The downplayed Importance of Accounts Payable Automation

Accounts Payable automation costs organizations a considerable amount of time and effort compiling and creating manual paper-based invoice as well as manual document processing. The problem today is that wasting so much time doing unnecessary manual work reduces finance personnel´s … Read More

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Cloud-based Budgeting

Criteria for a Good Cloud-based Budgeting, Planning, and Reporting

If there is anything we learned from 2016, it is that software spending is down. Software providers´ revenue for on premise software licenses and maintenance was significantly down last year. Interestingly enough, the spending for SaaS software products grew by … Read More

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2017 is the Year for CFOs to Plan Smarter, Not Harder

Financial planning and analysis teams today put in longer hours during planning period – not by choice though. This mostly springs from the fact that they have to deal with huge number of spreadsheets that is marred with formula errors, … Read More

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CPM Solution

Features to Look for in a CPM Solution to Generate Rolling Forecasts

Rolling forecast is a planning process whereby the main objective is to foresee risks and business opportunities continually. It is more than just periodic updates on the annual budget. By adopting this type of planning technique, businesses can expect to … Read More

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Rolling Forecast

3 Tips on How to Ensure Successful Shift to Rolling Forecast

There is a consensus now about moving away from traditional forecast and moving towards rolling forecast in light of today´s stiff competition and highly volatile market. Organizations are now forced to be adaptive and quick to respond to sudden changes. … Read More

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financial control

What Samsung Can Teach Companies on Financial Control

Samsung has been under huge pressure lately from investors to boost shareholder value after they decided to stop the production of their flagship smartphone Note 7 in October 2016. This decision was brought about by unresolved battery problems. Samsung has … Read More

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