Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Performance Canvas Financials?

Performance Canvas Financials is today´s latest and most modern unified platform for Business Intelligence, Performance Management, and Advanced Analytics.

What are the capabilities included in the Performance Canvas Financials?

With Performance Canvas Financials, you can do reporting, planning, budgeting, consolidating, dashboarding, scorecarding, and many more. It has native Microsoft Excel Integration which allows you to leverage your skills towards easy software championship.

What is the target company size for Performance Canvas Financials?

It is ideal for medium to large companies with at least 3 people working in the finance department.

How long does it take to implement?

1-3 weeks but the actual installation is half a day.

Does pcFinancials manage different access level for each user?

Yes, you have it on any dimension to any level of detail. It is on a database level so you cannot go around the security.

Is it possible to integrate pcFinancials with Salesforce?

Yes Salesforce is easy using Excel. It can be fully automated and we have multiple ways of doing integration. The ETL (Extract Transform Load) interface can be extended.

How many level of systems is proposed to have in terms of development, quality, and production?

Normally in a large deployment they have 2 systems – 1 for Production and 1 for Dev/test.

Could we have breakdown views on the reports?

When the dimensions are added to your business model you can have all of them easily. The model is open to change and you can create your own dimensions.

Is it possible to customize report with other metrics (SaaS metrics)?

You can use any metric you prefer. All reports are delivered as templates and can be changed. You can also create new reports from scratch using the report wizard.

Is it possible to have multiple currencies within the same budget as different line items?

Yes, the tool can handle multi-currencies and multi-companies.

Can the dashboards collect non-financial data?

Yes, the system can handle all kinds of numeric data (not only financials). It can also handle text comments attached to the numeric data.

What is the billing model?

There are several options. One is through perpetual license with a maintenance fee and second is through subscription model depending on how the tool is installed.

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It´s really not just a budgeting tool, it is a modeler. It shows that you can model business, you can model products - and that’s what we’d like to do.
financial planning software
Terri McCrackenFinance Manager, Friendly Society Private Hospital
The reporting editor is logical and easy to use. It’s a tool for everyday working for somebody that is an accountant, not dealing with how the technical things work.
best financial software
Margus LutsojaGroup Chief Accountant, Gunvor Group
We think DSPanel under-promised but over-delivered when it came to the effort exerted in supporting us and in making sure we had ease toward product acceptance.
best budgeting software
Gidget LimFeruni Operations Director and ERP Project Manager