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pcFinancials in the Cloud

Uncompromising. Simple. Flexible. Cost-Effective.


With pcFinancials, we do not ask you to take a leap of faith. We offer you a trial period so that you can see for yourself if the solution is everything we promise you it will be.

That is how confident we are in the capabilities of our solution.

Complete and Truly Unified

Being able to attain that balance between providing cutting edge financial process intelligence with the simplicity of the cloud is something we take pride of.

Our solution was built from the ground up to be a truly complete and unified platform that offers equally robust reporting and analysis, budgeting and planning, forecasting, financial consolidation, KPI management, and dashboarding capabilities.

Our solution is not a product of slowly acquired solutions tried to put together so that it can somehow make sense. Our solution was designed with the goal of providing end to end financial tasks support from the get-go.

For Finance Experts by Finance Experts

pcFinancials is the love child and the perfect collaboration testament of our accountants and developers.

We have always maintained that we cannot create a solution for financial analysts without involving finance experts in the development process.

It is with this belief that we have managed to create a solution that is very easy for finance analysts to learn regardless of their technical know-how. A solution that is easily maintained by the finance department itself without any reliance on IT, and a solution that the finance department can truly call their own.

Comprehensive and Secure

pcFinancials uses a combination of identity and federation, authentication and single sign-on, authorization and role-based access control, entitlement, encryption, and regulatory controls within the system.

It boasts of a comprehensive array of process improvements without compromising privacy and security. It exceeds the standards of vulnerability testing, fallover, disaster recovery, and penetration testing.

Unlimited Upgrade Possibility

pcFinancials offers a solution that can easily scale as your business grows. Whether you choose to integrate pcFinancials with your other existing technological investments, decide to use the solution for sales budgeting, HR, project portfolio management, capacity planning, logistics reporting, rebates or profitability analysis – the possibilities are all there.






Want more info about Cloud pcFinancials?
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What Our Customers Say

We think DSPanel under-promised but over-delivered when it came to the effort exerted in supporting us and in making sure we had ease toward product acceptance.
best budgeting software
Gidget LimFeruni Operations Director and ERP Project Manager
The reporting editor is logical and easy to use. It’s a tool for everyday working for somebody that is an accountant, not dealing with how the technical things work.
best financial software
Margus LutsojaGroup Chief Accountant, Gunvor Group
It´s really not just a budgeting tool, it is a modeler. It shows that you can model business, you can model products - and that’s what we’d like to do.
financial planning software
Terri McCrackenFinance Manager, Friendly Society Private Hospital