Financial Modeling

5 Practical Tips to Improve Excel Financial Modeling

Many finance personnel develop their own Excel spreadsheets in order to make their day to day life easier. A common scenario is that a group of finance personnel or a single person develops these financial models using different financial modeling … Read More

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financial business modeling

Top 3 Accounting Tips for Financial Business Modeling in Excel

Every organization needs to be able to forecast the company´s future financial performance that is based on historical data and this can be achieved through a tool called financial business modeling. This tool means different things to different organizations but … Read More

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Business Modeling and Forecasting Software

The Little-Known Advantages of Business Modeling and Forecasting Software

The inception of complex software solutions brought with it a host of ingenious software solutions for modern-day businesses. One of them is the new breed of planning software that can be used in comprehensive business and financial projections including (but … Read More

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