The maintenance and support for SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) version of the Microsoft platform has expired on March 1, 2018.

That said, SAP offered new migration paths to SAP BPC 7 x MS users such as moving to BPC 10.1 MS or BPC NWS. However, these new migration paths are not without issues.

To start with, the new migration paths offer limited functionalities, complicated, unfamiliar, and expensive deployments, and may even require SAP components like Netweaver or HANA.

Going the BPC 10.1 MS route will not even make sense because its support also ends in 2022 which will bring organizations back to the same problem – finding another solution.

Future-proof Planning and Consolidation

There is always something positive to be had in any difficult situation. For organizations that have to find a better alternative for their old system, the silver lining is that they are now presented an opportunity to modernize the way they work, drastically improve system performance while reducing overall costs.

Performance Canvas Financials (PCF) is the best and highly recommended solution to replace SAP BPC 7 x MS. Here are a few of the reasons why:

  1. PCF was designed and developed by the same makers of SAP BPC. This means that PCF also tries to harness the full potential of MS Excel when it comes to planning and consolidation while making sure it has resolved all of the underlying/known issues of SAP BPC.
  1. PCF not only leverages your existing Excel skills, it also makes use of relational and multidimensional capabilities of SQL Server which turbocharges its performance regardless of the amount of data.
    Through this, PCF is able to offer a solution that is more intelligent, intuitive and standardized across the organization.
  1. PCF was built from the ground up to be a complete and unified solution able to offer reporting and analysis, budgeting and planning, financial consolidation, metrics management, and more.
  1. In stark contrast to other migration paths offered by SAP, the implementation of PCF is known to be short and straightforward which significantly reduces the time needed to deploy it as well as the costs.
  1. PCF is system agnostic which means it has no problem integrating with any ERP system or line of business systems.
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Having to change from one system to another is always scary and uncomfortable. It requires time, energy, and money to get it to work. However, as mentioned earlier, choosing a good alternative solution can prove to be for the better if the new chosen solution can modernize the way in which the entire organization functions and if the new solution can prove to bring about relevant changes to the business.

To know more about how to go about replacing your current SAP BPC to a more reliable, affordable, and highly recommended one, visit or email to schedule a free online meeting with one of our consultants.


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